Due to COVID-19 restrictions, our classes are NOT meeting until further notice

Sunday School Classes

9:45 a.m. Adult

Gospel of John – Annex Taught by Wayne Shadden

This class goes through the gospels and is comprised of many ages. This is a discussion type class.


Crusaders – 202s Taught by Hollis Bolin

This class uses the Cokesbury adult Sunday school curriculum and is comprised of all ages.


Goal Setters – 209 Taught by Sharion Mercer

This class studies books of the Bible at an in depth level and is comprised of people of all ages. This is a discussion type class.


Koinonia – 204s Taught by Ron Pulley

This class studies various topics and is comprised of adults in their 30’s-60’s. This class varies between lecture and discussion.


New Covenant – 203s Taught by Various Class Members

We are a group of regular Sunday School attenders who have been meeting together since we were young adults. Now, most of us are grandparents. We are a discussion group and have sometimes had a regular discussion leader and sometimes take turns leading our discussions. We look at various possibilities for books or programs we might study and choose them as a group. We are involved singly or as a group in much of the business and activity of the church. We feel like a family and keep in close touch and learn quickly if one of us is in need of help or special attention, which we are ready to provide. We are welcoming to visitors and hope they will keep coming to grow into a spiritual kinship with us as we strive to grow in our faith and discipleship.


Fellowship – 226 Taught by Roger McJilton, Bill Dorstewitz & Pat Rose

This class uses the NIV Adult Bible Study Quarterly by Standard Publishing. The curriculum covers the Holy Scriptures for the day and its explanation. This class is a lecture and discussion format.


Younger-ish – 302 Taught by Drew & Shannon Shelley

This is a group of 20ish, 30ish, and 40ish folks who gather for the purpose of fellowship and learning what it means to follow Jesus. We often use short-term Bible studies to facilitate meaningful conversations.


Seekers – Small Sanctuary Taught by Various Class Members

This class uses the Cokesbury adult Sunday school curriculum and is comprised of adults ages 60+. This class is a lecture format.


G.I.F.T. – 206 Taught by Various Class Members

The G.I.F.T. (Growing in Faith Together) class typically uses 4 to 8 week study series that consists of short videos based on a variety of topics. Each video is followed with a lively and fast-paced class discussion. It is designed to cater to busy working-age adults that can barely sit still for an hour; however, all ages are welcome and encouraged to attend.


Faithlinks – Parlor Taught by Ed & Cathy Camera

Faithlinks is a class that discusses current events and life issues and applies them to your faith journey. Recent discussions include the following topics: ISIS, Domestic Violence, the Ebola Crisis, and Illegal Immigration.

9:45 a.m. Children & Youth

Nursery – 212 & 213

(ages 2 years old and under)

Staffed by Various Certified Workers


Preschool/Kindergarten – 204

(ages 3 – Kindergarten)

Taught by Pat Elmore and Susan Robinson


1st & 2nd  – 203

Taught by Barb Welsh


3rd & 4th – 202

Taught by Larry & Cheri Leggett


5th & 6th – Youth Area Back Classroom

Taught by Patty Hooie




Taught by Debra Graham


11th-12th – Library
Taught by Aaron Alva