Reaching Out

Doorstep Ministry
Did you know that 70% of guests will return the following week if they are contacted within 24 hours of attending worship? Our Doorstep Ministry takes a fresh-baked goodie to our guests’ homes each Sunday afternoon. It is an expression of our thanks for their being with us. Shirley and Nevin Thomas lead this effort. Call the office for more information.
Prayer Shawl Ministry
This is a group of people who gather every 4th Tuesday from 9:00-11:00 a.m. for the purpose of knitting shawls for those who are in need of prayer and comfort. If you would like to join this group or if you need a prayer shawl for yourself or someone you care about, please let us know in the church office.

Nomads On a Mission Active in Divine Service

Retirement with a Purpose

NOMADS was started in 1988 by a group of retired couples who traveled to Texas each winter. They felt God’s calling to help needy families in that part of the country by using their building skills. From that beginning, the Nomads now number about 1000 volunteering individuals who travel around the United States in their RVs assisting United Methodist agencies that have applied for help. These agencies include churches, church camps, children’s homes, and churches requesting help for their communities. Nomads also have a program for Disaster Rebuilding (DR) following natural disasters. On a regular project or on a DR project, Nomads work Monday through Thursday. On regular projects, Nomads work for three weeks; and on DR projects, they can work one or more weeks as they choose. Our mission statement, “Rebuilding lives, homes, and facilities with God’s love and our hands,” allows us to do His work, glorify Him, and be an example to encourage others to serve Him. Nomads are usually retired people who feel that they still need a purpose in their retirement and enjoy using their knowledge and skills to help others. We are required to have an RV, and we pay our own travel expenses to get to these agencies. We normally supply most of the tools required to perform the work planned. The agencies are required to provide all the supplies needed for the project, (paint, construction materials, etc.). If special tools or equipment is required (lifts, scaffolding, floor sanders, etc.), they are provided by the agency. The agency also provides us a place to park our RVs with water and minimum 30 amp electric; some even have sewer hookups too. In 2014, the Nomads worked 140 three-week projects in 35 states, 6 Disaster Rebuilds from North Dakota to the Florida Panhandle. On these projects, the Nomads worked a total of 112,000 hours saving the agencies $2.52 million in labor costs. Additional information is available at the Nomads web site.

Bread of Life (Mustard Seeds)
Mustard Seeds is an ongoing, monthly mission of the church that cooks and serves a hot breakfast at the Bread of Life on the second Saturday of each month. Our committee consists of Mary & Dave Farney, Vernon Hagen, Nancy & Larry Hartman, and Jane & Ricci Sager.
Thanksgiving Meal
Good Neighbor Fund
First United Methodist Church gives away thousands of dollars each year through the financial assistance fund. Applications are taken as funds are available. Requests are most often for rental assistance and help with electric bills. A team of counselors interviews clients requesting assistance. Ongoing budgeting help is also available as needed. Let us know if you feel called to this work.
Sonshine Soup Kitchen
Each week, a group of faithful volunteers prepares to serve another Wednesday lunch to the public. A typical lunch sees the Sonshine Soup Kitchen preparing about 5 gallons of soup to serve lunch to 25-30 people. The Soup Kitchen also provides sack lunches for the Hispanic congregation here at Crossville FUMC, about 100 lunches for the Peavine Care Center, and lunches for our noon Bible studies. These lunches are provided at no cost. We rely on many volunteers and donations of all types. The Sonshine Soup Kitchen is open every Wednesday from noon-1:00 p.m. in the Crossville FUMC Annex building on Neecham St. Drop by to join us for lunch or to volunteer your time. For more information, to make donations, or to volunteer, please contact Lisa Short at 787-9278.
Supporting Military Families
The Veteran's Support Mission is a new initiative to provide assistance to our veteran population with outreach to our existing military members and families, and to periodically recognize and celebrate the service of our congregation's military veterans. Frank and Robin Piacine will jointly lead this effort. They joined our congregation in 2016 after moving from Central Pennsylvania. Frank is a retired Lieutenant Colonel with over 23 years of active and reserve US Army service and as a retired civilian employee of the US Navy. Robin’s involvement indicates a history of focus on the recovery of POW and Missing-in-Action persons. Together they bring a willingness to serve and a desire to assist our active duty, national guard, reserve, retired, and former military service members. Frank and Robin will explain the initiative at worship services in August and urge those who are willing to join them. They seek information about who is currently deployed overseas so that, through the mission, they can send care packages to heroes who now serve in harm's way. Finally, they plan to have a recognition brunch between services on November 12 to recognize and honor our congregation's veterans. Additional information will follow about this exciting strategy to support those who have served our nation. In the meantime, veterans in our midst or those known to be, who need assistance, are urged to contact the church office for referral to Frank and Robin.