Sunday School Classes and Rooms

Goalsetters Perk Thornton/Sharion Mercer Small Sanctuary
Koinonia Cosby Stone/Dan Matthews Room 204s (Above Sanctuary)
New Covenant Rotating Teachers Room 203s (Above Sanctuary)
Crusaders Hollis Bolin Room 202s (Above Sanctuary)
Graceworks Ed Camera/Wayne Shadden Parking lot across from Small Sanctuary (bring your own chair)
Fellowship Bill Dorstewitz 226
Nursery/Toddlers Shirley Lechnowsky Nursery Hall
PreK - 6th Grade Children’s Hall
Youth (7th - 12th) Youth Room in Basemento
Class Name Teacher(s) Room

Youth (7th-12th Grade) meets from 5:00-6:00 P.M. every Sunday Night in the Annex